Past Results

2016 Fall Member – Member

1st Place Don Backstrom and Gary Anderson with a total score of 129 2nd and 3rd place tie Chuck Kelker and Neil Kelker with Kenny Hall And Bruce Parker 130 4th Place John Cunningham and Will Burt   5th Place Dale Grizer and Bruce Fonte.

2016 Member – Guest Results

Here are the results for the 2016 Member Guest A Flight 1st – Tommy Lerow – Jason Tannenbaum 2nd – Denis Blouin – Scott Lewis 3rd  – Dale Grizer – Jason Hnat B Flight 1st – Ryan Fandel – Scott Owens 2nd – Bill Reese – John Reese 3rd – Jeff

2016 Club Championship Results

Our 2016 Club Champion is Adam Byerly. Adam shot back to back 77’s to come in a total of 154. Adam was closely pursued by Ryan Fandel who shot 75 and 80 for 155 and Denis Blouin who also shot 155 shooting 76 and 79. Congrats Adam great playing!

2016 Spring Opening Tournament Results

First Place -14(58)  Ed Back, Tony Warder, Matt Brown, Ron Popp Second Place -12(60) Dennis Lacher, Jim Rafftery, Reggie Hayes, Bobby Thames Third Place -12 (60) John Young, Larry Harley, Todd Baker, Bill Reese   CTP 4 – Dennis