About Interclub

Interclub is a season long match play event against other clubs sponsored by the Carolinas Golf Association (CGA) and the Tega Cay Mens Golf Association.

Teams compete in a group/pod that consists of three to six teams that reside in close proximity with each team playing three home matches and three away matches.

There is no permanent roster and membership is earned through a variety of factors. Please contact a board member for more information.

Tega Cay does have 3 teams that participate. 2 Regular teams (any age above 18) and 1 Senior team (55+ of age).

Upcoming Matches

Season starts April 1st


updated 7-18-18

Regular Season –

Regular Interclub

Tega Cay (Team 2) – 3-0-1  (next match 7-28-18 at Cramer Mountain)

Tega Cay (Team 1) – 3-1      (next match 7-21-18 at Springfield)

Senior Interclub

Tega Cay –  4-1                       (next match 7-25-18 at Skybrook)